Browsing Airspaces from Web

It is possible to browse airspace from a web client. Check the current demo :

It uses the REST API described in another page.

From this web page, you can

  • simply see airspace as overlays on a slippy map
  • search airspaces by name
  • search for airspace within a given radius & with a floor threshold  (any airspace above a given altitude is filtered out)
  • search for possible intersection with a path drawn on the map : results include airspaces & a profile graph showing ground elevation (using DEM data) and airspaces
  • search for real intersection given a GPS track (GPX file)
  • admin interface for airspace data modifications

For each airspace, you can get information such as:

  • class
  • floor/ceiling
  • creation date / deletion date (if any)
  • name
  • a link for extra information (eg. official page)