GIS/Airspace related tools

During my free time, I’ve been more and more interested by GIS (Geographic Information System) developments. I’ve developed different tools, mainly using the python language, but also javascript and a bit of C.

  • gpsbabel python scripting + bridging with igc2kmz [source code (C/Python) part1/part2]
  • parser for not-so-documented OpenAIR format (antlr grammar used mainly with python) [source code (python)]
  • a first prototype using ad-hoc GIS data manipulation (shapely, rtree, geos/gdal) for loading airspace and computing infringing segments of a GPS track [source code (python)]
  • a second version using GIS-able database (postGIS) along with django framework. The server talks mainly GeoJSON through a REST API. Currently, 2 clients are being developed : javascript (a web page) and android (extension of existing Gaggle application). Check the corresponding page: REST API and web client [source code (python/javascript)]
Of course, all the code related to the above items is being released as free software (mainly GPL, but not only).
The main result can be seen at